Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why Old People Drive So Slow

* They no longer feel the pressures of the world around them since they no longer have a job that demands their attendance everyday from 9 to 5
* Over the years they have finally learned how to appropriately guess how long it will take them to get places, giving them plenty of time to drive to their desired destination safely, yet still 15 minutes early
* They know how to stop and smell the roses, and driving in a rush is not how to do it
* They figure, "Who knows how much longer I have here on earth, so why take the risk of ending life earlier than mother nature intended by driving recklessly??"
* The world they grew up in was much slower. Today's high-speed world in comparison is stressful, hectic, overly complex, and taken for granted, so they do their own part in trying to slow this fast-paced society down by slowing up traffic


Blogger cindi said...

I love old people!

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